Cognitive Technologies

Cognitive Technology’s goal is to provide a quality educational site that includes math, science, literature, social studies, and the arts serving students ages 8 to 18. We employ interactive tutoring, animation, fun real world applications and exploration activities to teach and motivate.


Cognitive Technologies Corporation
creates and publishes award-winning educational software for ages 10 and up.


Educational Benefits of CTC’s Software

      • Builds Key Concepts
      • Develops Problem Solving Ability
      • Develops Reasoning Skills
      • Shows Mathematical Connections to other Subjects
      • Motivational

“The folks at CTC have a genius for making math accessible and enjoyable.”
David Ross, Long Beach Press-Telegram (one of the top 100 newspapers in the US, ranked by circulation)


Exploration and concept building are at the heart of our software. Cognitive Technologies Corporation’s products all employ interactive tutoring, conceptual building, and exploration activities to teach, motivate and build confidence. CTC creatively uses computer technology to transform the learning experience. Studies show that students who use software with animated graphics and navigational techniques that give the user control over the learning experience, learn more and score significant increases on IQ tests (studies released by the Software Publishers Association, Spring 1996 research reports). The teaching techniques used in our programs have helped students score higher on national standardized tests.

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