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Cognitive Technologies Corporation's (CTC) goal is to provide a quality educational site that includes math, science, literature, social studies, and the arts serving students ages 8 to 18. We employ interactive tutoring, animation, fun real world applications and exploration activities to teach and motivate.

The CD-ROM contains over 300 Megabytes of lessons, applications, and problems. It uses voice, music, and creative animations, and many interactive activity. To order call 1-800-335-0781. Click here for a complete outline of the CD-ROM's content. Click here for CD-ROM Customer Support.

School Version with Teacher's Manual
The teacher's manual includes many additional problems the teacher may copy and distribute to students. Provides discussion questions on the lessons and the real world applications. Provides further discussion of the applications to deepen the teacher's understanding. Provides helpful teacher tips to students on what to look for as they navigate through the program.

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