The TRIG Explorer

Technical Support

1. Need the CD-ROM in the drive to run the application

2. QuickTime:

I. Windows(: Quicktime 2.1.1 is installed during the installation
II. Macintosh: Quicktime 2.1.1 is included on the installation disk
* Quicktime is needed to view the digital movies that are in the program.

3. Background Music: On 2x CD-ROM drives the background music will slow down the loading of lessons and the operation of the program. For slower machines and CD-ROM drives it is recommended that you do not use the background music feature while using lessons or other activities.

4. May not function properly with none standard windows interfaces or floating task bars.

5. Microsoft Office 95( startup task bar disables the buttons at the bottom of the screen and needs to be closed before running the program.

6. Some older Windows( sound cards may slow program operations with the voice or background on. Solution -- run the program with the voice off and the background music off.

7. On some Windows( configurations pressing the keypad 5, with the Num-Lock off will quit the program. Solution ñ keep the Num-Lock on or donít press the Keypad 5.

8. Windows 3.1 or 95 need to be in 256 (8-bit) color mode. Higher color modes (16-bit 24-bit, or 32-bit) can cause problems plotting -- it will not plot. Reset system to 256 colors in windows setup (Win 3.1) or Display (Win95).

9. The program needs at leat 3 Meg. of FREE RAM to run properly. MAC users with 8 Meg. RAM may need to turn of some extensions to run the program (It will crash or the system may lock up if less than 3 Meg. RAM). The program needs the CD-ROM driver and quicktime extensions to run properly.

For further technical help: