About us

MathRealm was founded 10 years ago to develop and publish outstanding mathematics learning programs.

Our programs have been praised nationally by educators, students and parents for being engaging, motivating and exceptional at helping students learn and use mathematical concepts. They turn struggling students into successful math learners and average students into accelerated math learners.

Educational Benefits of MathRealm Programs

      • Builds Key Concepts
      • Develops Problem Solving Ability
      • Develops Reasoning Skills
      • Shows Mathematical Connections to other Subjects
      • Motivational

Exploration and concept building are at the heart of our lessons. Our online lessons all employ interactive tutoring, conceptual building, and exploration activities to teach, motivate and build confidence. MathRealm.com creatively uses computer technology to transform the learning experience. Studies show that students who use electronic learning with animated graphics and navigational techniques that give the user control over the learning experience, learn more and score significant increases on IQ tests (studies released by the Software Publishers Association, Spring 1996 research reports). The teaching techniques used in our programs have helped students score higher on national standardized tests.

Teaching Technique

MathRealm.com’s lessons and activities are designed to interactively teach subject concepts, problem solving, reasoning, applications, and math appreciation. The concepts are demonstrated in a hands-on manner, and the lessons are developed in a very concrete, interactive manner. Concept development is merged with the problem solving process. MathRealm.com’s lessons and activities provides engaging explanations in a highly graphical format where objects are pushed, pulled, collected, or clicked-on. This approach is unlike many other programs which provide for drill and practice in game formats.

MathRealm.com’s lessons and activities reflect the combined efforts of students, math teachers, computer engineers and graphic designers. The concepts were selected as the result of a thorough research of national math programs, presentation techniques, and current National Math Standards. Our products reflect many revisions based on critical reviews by experienced mathematics teachers who were actively involved in the development process.